Health & Wellness Products

We offer wellness products including tinctures, Hemp oil capsules, Salves, Hemp Gummy Bears, Vapes and Pet products

All Products Are Third Party Tested

All CBDNYC products are third party tested to verify phytonutrient levels and efficacy. All products are sourced from the highest quality industrial hemp and only the safest extraction methods are used.

100% Natural - Plant Based

Our 100% natural hemp products are geared toward medical and fitness professionals or anyone else looking to lead a healthier, happier life.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is good for your health

How WILL CBDNYC Hemp Products Help You Feel Better?

Digestible hemp oil products are classified as dietary supplements.  Similar to other supplement companies, hemp oil companies are not able to claim that hemp oil will treat or cure specific conditions.  Hemp oil is commonly described as helping to relieve discomfort, support sleep and promote an overall sense of balance and homeostasis to the body.



CBDNYC offers the highest quality all natural products including Topical Creams, Tinctures, Salves and Pet Products! So please check out all of our amazing products.