Cannabidiol (CBD) And Pets

by in Uncategorized January 19, 2019

The use of cannabis based therapies for pets has generated a great deal of Administering cannabis to treat animals isn’t new. In the USA, it was used in the late 1800’s to treat horses with colic and its potential is also mentioned in a 1914 issue of Proceedings of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

As in humans, not all cannabis is equal when used a therapy for pets and there are some important differences to be aware of. Much more research also needs to be done to substantiate many of the claims made. Consequently, great care needs to be taken in selecting and administering these products.

While cannabinoid receptors (what cannabis compounds act on) exist within all mammals, birds, reptiles and even fish; for the purposes of this guide the information mainly relates dogs and cats.

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